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TBT: The BIG Chop!

Throw Back Thursday: Originally posted on August 23, 2010.

I am not even going to lie. I was scared to death! LOL… I attended the Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation (HWHN) Because I Am A Queen workshop looking like this: 

In the words of my beautiful buddy with gorgeous natural tresses, Angel Richardson, “YOU GROW GURL!” :). 

Yes, I had a weave… and you couldn’t tell me anything about not being cute that day! LOL… In addition to my diva-tude, I was 3 hours away from boarding a plane to Switzerland!  

While I was inspired by many natural friends (Mothyna, Monokia, Angel, Trish, my favorite natural haired artist, N’Dambi), I still was not convinced. Another woman encouraged me, and she does even know it! I don’t know her, but she also attended the HWHN workshop on this day:
Look at her fro GROW!! Yes, I did snap this photo. Hope she doesn’t mind, lol. 
My HWHN buddies encouraged me (oh, did they encourage me!) on this day to just do it! Go for it! Cut it off! Expose myself! I had decided on this day that I would… after I got back from Switzerland!

This is the very first day of my hair being natural and exposed! 😀 I cried as I was cutting my hair off (I wish you could have seen how much hair was in the sink!). However, when it was all said and done, I was very excited to finally show my hubby and my friends on Facebook. 

I have received so many great recommendations for my first style/stylist. Tomorrow at 11 a.m., I am going to Natural Locks Salon, near where I live, for a wash and two strand twist look. I cannot wait!! It will be done on my 5 year wedding anniversary!! 

In case you are wondering, my hubby is thrilled! He told me he is not a fan of locks, so I will just keep growing my hair out for now. 

Until the next post, You GROW Gurl!

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