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My hubby and I go out scouting for places to shoot often. Many times, we are in an area where people are active. It is common for them to stop and watch, ask questions about the clothing or the purpose of the shoot, some have thought I was famous and would whisper to my hubby, “Who is she?” or “Can I take a picture with her?” (LOL). This photo shoot was epic… we had workers at an auto garage stop working and offer me platforms to take my photos on inside the garage, a group of young girls walking by screaming, “Yesssss, work that dress, honey!” and a man got out of his truck offering himself as a plus size model, posing behind my hubby. I was laughing throughout this shoot! But most of all, I enjoy making others feel good and I felt that I did this today. 🙂

I am a sucker for all things retro and vintage! Primrose Boutiq outdid themselves on this little number! I love that clothes are being created that look retro because often I find vintage items that I don’t want to purchase because of staining, smell, etc. You know those retro pieces that are so old that you cannot even make it your own? Well, this dress was brand new but has the look of back in the day! My favorite part of this dress is that it zips from the bottom to the top in the back (what a chic touch, right?).

IMG_5301 IMG_5306 IMG_5311 IMG_5313 IMG_5316 IMG_5318 IMG_5321 IMG_5325 IMG_5328Dress: Primrose Boutiq. Jewelry: Sky Mints. Clutch & Shoes: Thrifted. Hair: Zarah Charm.


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