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Natural Wonder Woman


I do so much that I consider myself to be a “Wonder Woman”. By day, I am an educator who has so much paperwork to do and so many scholars to care for. In the evenings I am a wife and an advocate. I spend a lot of time serving my community and my husband. I am also a doctoral student who is trying so hard to get this dissertation written! I am the founder of two organizations and trying to run a business. I do many tasks for my church: social media, singing on the praise team, etc. So many hats that I wear… but today I decided to take them off an put on my Wonder Woman head band instead, lol.

I got this fun sweatshirt from Macy’s along with these high-waist, stone washed jeans. I am loving my new pinup by Zarah. I love the opportunity to dress down because I seem to always be dressed up! 😉
IMG_5534 IMG_5539 IMG_5540

One comment on “Natural Wonder Woman

  1. theroyalrascal
    October 5, 2014

    Quirky yet pretty!:)

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