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Denim in distress (DIY)

Stay tuned… I will try this soon! Also, I love this blogger! Follow him. ♡

Eclectic Fashionist

It’s no secret that distressed jeans are a HUGE trend and have been for a long time. Personally, I LOVE anything distressed and have quite a bit of clothing with this treatment. I have given distressing a try before and it never quite worked out very well. Recently, however, I came across a method of distressing that worked a lot better for me. I put it to the test on a pair of jeans I bought at work and I can not contain how EXCITED and OBSESSED I am with the results! The jeans turned out great.

I definitely did not want subtle distressing or just a few slits here and there ( I have more than a pair of jeans that are just a bit distressed already). I knew I wanted severe distressing and big cuts. I wanted to take the rugged, vagabond look a little further. As I…

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