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Vintage Gold

I have been wearing teal all month in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month (April) but I took a break today.IMG_7154

I got this beautiful, vintage dress from Primrose Boutique! I love it because it has golden sparkles in the top (hard to see in the photos). While it is spring, it is still having a hard time warming up around here, lol. Nevertheless, anything feminine makes me feel fabulous!

IMG_7158 IMG_7161 IMG_7172 IMG_7175 IMG_7178

Dress: Primrose Boutiq | Shoes: ShoeDazzle | Clutch & Earrings: Francesca’s

3 comments on “Vintage Gold

  1. Sabiscuit
    April 11, 2015

    You’re stunning. Ridiculously long legged and your complexion looks flawless, the dress is perfect. I don’t think anyone but you could carry off a vintage dress the way you do. That hair is unbelievably fabulous!!! Stay warm and hot. x SB

    • LaQuisha Hall
      April 11, 2015

      What a beautiful comment to share! Thank you for your kind words and for making my day! ♡

      • Sabiscuit
        April 11, 2015

        I meant every word. I just love beautiful women and especially black women who are super duper uber chic and stylish and fabulous.

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