Corner Curl Girl


Baltimore LOVE Project featuring Bruria Hammer Photography


This photo shoot was something new for me… new for you to see. You are accustomed to seeing me posing on properties that do not look or seem distressed. However, there was a period of time in my life when I was considered trash, tossed to the side and not looked back at. I was bullied for being “ugly and too skinny”, sexually and mentally abused and ostracized by some that I felt should have held me close. But even though I was tossed out, I rose victorious, like this beautiful wall towering above the remnants of tossed trash. The bullied child is now a well-known fashion blogger, the abused victim is now an entrepreneur and Baltimore City Public School teacher who has educated more than 1,300 young people and the ostracized girl is now bringing together young girls everywhere, teaching them how to mend their own hearts and the hearts of others. I went from trash to triumphant in my years of living and this wall served as a reminder of that.

A few years ago, local artist Michael Owen developed a design of four hands spelling out the word love. This image will be painted on 20 walls, spread evenly across the communities of Baltimore City. Thank you, Michael, for spreading this message of hope and Bruria Hammer Photography, for finding me an object worthy of capturing… and she did it so well! 12716408_914380462010256_5826400745127945837_o12717815_914380332010269_3057223322766753475_n12728834_914380662010236_943738178783153849_n12734151_914380638676905_8870058477687429052_n12745410_914380682010234_279969830038141628_n12747455_914380515343584_4793306784106424080_o

Coat & Dress: Victoria’s Secret | Hat: Francesca’s

Boots & Purse: ShoeDazzle | Hair: Zarah Charm

Photography: Bruria Hammer Photography | Mural: Baltimore LOVE Project

xoxo, Corner Curl Girl

4 comments on “Baltimore LOVE Project featuring Bruria Hammer Photography

  1. Mirjana
    February 17, 2016

    Gorgeous! I love this outfit 🙂

  2. EastofZay
    February 17, 2016

    Love how the boots correlate with your hair !

  3. Monique Brizz-Walker
    February 18, 2016

    I love all of your work,Mobutu this is truly special. A poignant reminder of our unique greatness. Shine on Queen.

  4. Monique Brizz-Walker
    February 18, 2016

    Just needed to correct. I love all of your work. This is truly a poignant reminder of our unique greatness. Shine on Queen. The auto write is not my favorite feature on this IPad.

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