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The Triumphant Experience 

So I am getting ready for this show and just could not decide what to wear, lol. I had 3 ensembles selected and asked my fellow Snappers on Snap Chat (@LaQuishaHall) to help me out. Well…

This was the winning look and I was accompanied by my #SLAYbooSLAY friend, Dr. Jasmine Leigh, who will soon be awarded and was just listed on the The Daily Record’s 2016 VIP List: Successful Under 40!! Woot, woot! She killed it in her Zuvaa African print jumper and I wore a unique jumper from Primrose BoutiQ. Haute, honey!!

The Triumphant Experience was to be called just that… an experience, not just a fashion show. This was a couture, high energy, entertainment fashion show including the designs of celebrity designers: The Outsiders and Haus of Falenci’ago. There were special performances by Models Inc. (below), Tre Anthony, and more.

The Outsiders Collection

Haus of Falenci’ago Collection


Already, at the beginning of the show, there was so much hotness!! I was entirely impressed with ‪#‎thetriumphantexperience‬hosted by @_iamtriumphant_ !! These were two of my favorites so far… and these models were absolutely BOMB (must find them and be friends, lol). Left: The Outsiders Collection | Right: Haus of Falenci’ago Collection

Haus of Falenci’ago Gown Collection


The designer behind Haus of Falenci’ago does his catwalk…

This gown and model was absolutely fantastic!! I loved her energy, dramatic opening to this scene and her look!

Final Scene…

Introducing Christian Hixon, the mastermind behind ‪#‎thetriumphantexperience‬!! I was so proud of him and honored to have him and his expertise in my life! He is the only stylist I have ever had and this fantastic show gave me a greater appreciation for him (and an itch to get styled by him again, lol)!!

Christian is SO humble… ever since I first met him. He stood by my side and styled me for one of my biggest events, SheRose Awards, and he did not even want to come out and allow me to formally recognize him. He would rather stay behind the scenes, but while he is back there he is sure to make it look good! Watch his emotional entry at the end of the show:

Which collection was your favorite? Love you, Christian, and the entire Triumphant team!


Corner Curl Girl

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