Corner Curl Girl


Birthday QUEEN.


I am walking on GOLD at 35 and loving it! How did I do it? Here are 5 things I learned in 35 years…

1. Your flaws are not a setback but rather a setup for the great things you are going to do. I used to see being thin as a flaw, as a setback… But it was a setup to me becoming a national/ international beauty queen, a fashionn blogger and image consultant.

2. Self love is not selfish. I used to avoid cameras and mirrors. I even hated looking at my reflection in windows. When I began to finally love and appreciate myself and stop critiquing God’s creation, I realized that there was nothing wrong with me. The beauty that God created in, on and around me was perfect because HE did it.

3. God will give you responsibilities that you did not know you were ready or qualified for. I have often been asked when I will have children. What the person asking the question doesn’t know is that I have had more children than they will ever have. Before age 30 I stood in front and taught/trained over 1,000 young people. Each young girl I have mentored, each young man I have advised, each group of scholars I have taught all have shown me how to demonstrate great responsibility. I am glad to be a part of the village.

4. No matter how close or influential you are to someone, you are still a seed dropper. There have been people in my life that I have loved and cared for so, so much… I wanted them to be saved, successful and secure in everything they did and believed in. As much as I wanted it for them, I could not force it on them. In order to help others achieve true greatness in their lives you have to live a life of greatness in their presence. Never feel like your elevation is leaving them behind as long as you are dropping seeds along the way so that they know the way.

5. Stop settling for concrete when you can walk on gold. Enough said.


Royal Headphones: Tynia Johnson-Anderson | Necklace: PoshMark

Top: Victoria’s Secret. Skirt: Custom-made in the Ukraine.

Hair: Zarah Charm.

xoxo, Corner Curl Girl

One comment on “Birthday QUEEN.

  1. meinheels
    March 2, 2016

    Hi there. Happy birthday. I feel like saying that your words are worth a thousand pictures. They are so true and you write beautifully.

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